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Earn BNB by farming shrimp!

To play, just purchase some bargain-bin shrimp.
These lesser shrimp produce eggs at a rate of 0.5 per shrimp per day.
E.g: 48 Shrimp produce 24 eggs per day, or 1 per hour.

Sustainable Economics

The contract market automatically inflates as users buy and sell (at half the expected inflation rate, though), which maintains contract balance and prevents early buyers from profiting forever.

Game Info

The value of eggs rises and falls depending on the actions of players. Profit is made by buying before others.


Earn 10% of the number of all eggs hatched by anyone who starts playing using your link: ?

How To Farm Effectively

Slower Shrimp Farm is a tweaked shrimp farming simulator. It's as easy to play as the original one!

Step 1) Purchase... lazier shrimp, with BNB.

Step 2) Your shrimp will start to produce eggs. You can hatch your eggs to birth more shrimp - in turn, this increases your egg generation rate.

Step 3) Alternatively, you can sell your eggs back to the contract for BNB. You cannot sell back shrimp, only eggs!

This process continues until you've produced half as many eggs as you have shrimp - this takes 24 hours, after which you'll stop generating eggs until you've either hatched or sold them. You can sell or hatch eggs at any time before this 24 hours is up.

The contract is open source and visible here. There are no functions that the dev can use to drain; the BNB in the contract can only be attained by selling eggs.

Don't forget! You can get FREE eggs by referring your friends! Share the link above to get 10% of all the eggs hatched by anyone who starts playing with your link! For those of you considering using/advertising referral links - they're sticky: once you've used someone's, you can't change it!

TLDR: Buy Shrimp > Farm Eggs... Slowly > Hatch Shrimp > Sell Eggs > Profit(?)

Good luck!